Simplified No Code Test Automation.

Parallel Executions, AI Powered Code Generation and Team Collaboration

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Best No-Code Tool for your QA Process

Stop wasting time on manual QA process and adopt a smarter way to test your applications. Save hundreds of hours by using intuitive Recorder along with Assertions for better UI and flow testing.


Tests generated using Robonito are highly maintainable and our teams ensure they remain healthy.

Deliver Quality at scale

Deliver high-quality which is made possible by immediate feedback from Robonito's parallel executions and grid runs

Detecting Failures and stale selectors

Get prompt feedback from tests about failure reasons and reduce flakiness to almost 0.

Cost Effective

The Robonito automated testing offers a more cost-effective alternative to conventional automation testing.

Manage Your Test Cases Efficiently

Organize your test cases into multiple suites across workspaces And Do Bulk Actions on them.

Data Driven Tests

Expand your test cases coverage by Importing data from multiple sources (Excel, API, JSON).

Parallel Run

Executing multiple tests simultaneously on different environments to expedite testing and maximize resource utilization.

Team & Collaboration (soon)

Add your project team members to their respected project's workspaces, and colloaborate better than before

Multiple Browsers

Compatible across various browsers, ensuring consistent user experience and functionality on all popular web platforms.

Code Generation

Automated creation of code from high-level specifications, enhancing development speed and reducing manual coding.

CI/CD Integration

Seamless automation: code integration, testing, deployment. Accelerates development, ensures quality, and enhances collaboration.

What people are saying about Robonito

best automation tool on google

Sandra Metzger, Ed.D.

Innovative, human-centered leader with hands-on experience in learning design, organizational systems, and technology.

best testing tool on google

Prathiksha V

Test Automation Engineer| Cypress | JavaScript | API testing using Postman | selenium | Jmeter | Functional Testing | Agile methodology

best automation software

Shone Mathew

Senior Software Test Engineer


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Pricing & Plans

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Robonito Free Plan

All the basic features to boost your freelance career


/ Download
  • Limited to a Certain number of test suites and test cases
  • Basic access to cloud run capabilities with a limited number of parallel runs.
  • Code Generation for Playwright and Cypress Support
  • Community Support
  • Full access to cloud-based reporting and analytics dashboard.
  • Ability to record flows and generate test scripts.
  • Integration options with CI/CD pipelines
  • Priorty Email Support

Robonito Pro Plan

All the basic features to boost your freelance career



/ month
Start 14 Days Free Trial
  • Annual Subscription (15% Discount) : $1188 / year
  • Expanded access to the cloud run environment with increased parallel runs.
  • Full access to cloud-based reporting and analytics dashboard.
  • Advanced code generation features, including support for additional frameworks.
  • Integration options with CI/CD pipelines.
  • Ability to record flows and generate test scripts.
  • Priority email support.

Robonito Enterprise Plan

All the extended features to boost your company growth


Contact Sales
  • Contact Sales for Pricing
  • Customizable access control and permissions.
  • Dedicated customer success manager.
  • Premium support with faster response times.
  • Integration with third-party tools and platforms.
  • Personalized training and onboarding.
  • Enterprise-grade security and compliance features.

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